Welcome to Innovation Property Managed Repair Program!

INNOVATION is a Network of Contractors and mitigators who are experienced professionals on the approved list of most major insurance companies.


In order to receive leads from Innovation please follow the below training instructions and you will be receiving leads to your success very soon!  This training differs from other MRP trainings and must be done as a guided and live training

  1. Contact Mandy at 402-885-8207 or Mandytyler@loveourroof.com to get your training ID and reserve a IPN (Innovation Property Network) training meeting reservation.  This training will be live with Innovation and you will be able to ask any questions directly to the trainer.

  2. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday ONLY.

  3. Once you have completed this meeting, you will be assigned leads on a rotation.  You will get these leads dispatched to your cell phone and email.

  4. Please Note: you must adhere to all regulations when working Innovation claims.  Innovation Protocol is available on the Xcel Portal.


Check out the Innovation website for more: www.innovationpropertyuk.com


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