Welcome to Madsky Managed Repair Program!

MADSKY’s Managed Repair Program manages repairs and insurance claims with a network of trusted and preferred contractors that elevate the standard of the roofing industry by creating a strong customer-oriented experience.


In order to receive leads from Madsky please follow the below training instructions and you will be receiving leads to your success very soon!

  1. Contact Mandy at 402-885-8207 or Mandytyler@loveourroof.com to get your verification email and training links

  2. You will then be guided to Madsky U and Sales Force Training.

  3. Upon completion with certification, you will be mailed a Madsky Lanyard and then be claims eligible.

  4. Madsky will then dispatch out leads directly to you via your cell phone and text alert.

  5. You will need to respond within 1 hour - please note you must adhere to  all Madsky rules and regulations that are published on the Xcel Portal

Check Out Madsky’s Website to learn more:  Madskymrp.com

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