Welcome to Vericlaim Managed Repair Program!

VERICLAIM is a managed repair network of certified local, regional and national contractors. We identify, deploy and manage resources on behalf of both the carrier and property owner throughout the entire restoration process.


In order to receive leads from Vericlaim, you must sign up with Mandy and be registered for training.  

  1. Contact Mandy at 402-885-8207 or Mandytyler@loveourroof.com to sign up for Vericlaim training.

  2. You will receive (2) emails; Vericlaim training email (includes 3 links for training) and Next Gear University email that will show you your learning modules.  You must complete all trainings before any lead is dispatched to you.

  3. NOTE: Please bookmark these pages for training, as the links DO EXPIRE within these emails.

  4. Once you complete all training, you will be claims eligible and you will start receiving leads to your cell phone and email.


Please Note: you MUST adhere to all regulations and rules for this MRP as it is a SCORED MRP. (you will get a score based on how well you adhere to these regulations.)


Check out the Vericlaim website for more information: vericlaiminc.com